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The Affin Bank Group is a financial services conglomerate. The Group's activities focus on commercial, Islamic and investment banking services, money broking and underwriting of life and general insurance business.

Notice Of Book Closure

Single-tier final dividend in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2023 of 5.76 sen per ordinary share of Affin Bank Berhad ("ABB")


Kindly be advised of the following :


1) The above Company's securities will be traded and quoted "Ex - Dividend” as from: 10 May 2024

2) The last date of lodgment : 13 May 2024

3) Date Payable : 12 Jun 2024


Remarks :


On 29 February 2024, the Board of Directors of ABB ("Board") announced its quarterly report on the Company's consolidated results for the financial year ended 31 December 2023 ("FYE 2023"), wherein the Board had proposed a single-tier final dividend in respect of the FYE 2023 of 5.76 sen per ordinary share in ABB ("ABB Share") ("Final Dividend"). The Board had also determined that the dividend reinvestment plan will apply to the Final Dividend ("7th DRP"), in which the entire Final Dividend can be elected to be reinvested into new ABB Shares.


Bank Negara Malaysia had granted its approval on 28 February 2024 for the increase in the paid-up ordinary share capital of ABB pursuant to the 7th DRP limited to the total value of the Final Dividend. Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ("Bursa Securities") had, vide its letter dated 22 March 2024, resolved to approve the listing of and quotation for up to 125,146,045 new ABB Shares on the Main Market of Bursa Securities to be issued pursuant to the 7th DRP.


The shareholders of ABB had approved the Final Dividend at the annual general meeting of ABB held on 25 April 2024.  


Following the above, on 25 April 2024, Affin Hwang Investment Bank Berhad ("Affin Hwang IB") had, on behalf of the Board, announced that the issue price of the new ABB Shares to be issued pursuant to the 7th DRP has been fixed on 25 April 2024 ("Price-Fixing Date") at RM2.176 per new ABB Share after taking the consideration the following: 


(a) 5-day volume weighted average market price up to and including 24 April 2024, being the latest trading day prior to the Price-Fixing Date, of RM2.4707 per ABB Share ("5-day VWAP"); and


(b) an adjustment of RM0.0576, being the Final Dividend, to the 5-day VWAP. Consequently, the ex-dividend VWAP is RM2.4131 per ABB Share ("Ex-Dividend VWAP").


The issue price of the new ABB Shares to be issued represents a discount of RM0.2371 which is approximately 9.83% discount to the Ex-Dividend VWAP. 


A copy of the Notice of Election (including the Dividend Reinvestment Form) will be despatched to all the entitled shareholders of ABB (save for foreign-addressed shareholders of ABB) on 15 May 2024 and the election period for the 7th DRP will close on 30 May 2024.


Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the new ABB Shares arising from the 7th DRP will be listed on the Main Market of Bursa Securities on 13 June 2024.


This announcement is dated 25 April 2024.


Announcement Info

Stock Name AFFIN
Date Announced 26 Apr 2024
Category Listing Circular
Reference Number ILC-26042024-00001